Stonington Gallery

This collection is a series of works available for sale individually.


What is the Inua of Drew

The face of my character is open at the mouth to show the inner Inua representation of my true self.  The nails represent the understanding that I am part of a larger picture of spirit and energy.  The universal life energy flowing directly into the heart of this being carved with an angle on each side of the enter divide within the circle itself.  This is love flowing through.  

Basswood, dyed caribou hair, poplar wood, screws, copper nails, washers, brass plating, stain.

October 2016



Spirit of myself

The face on top of this being is looking to the heavens for knowledge, wisdom, and love.  The teeth on the side of the being are open to show the effort and vulnerability of becoming my true self. The animal parts in the cage in the heart space were meant to be a rat that represents something inside me that takes over when I try to love Evan.  How do I let this creature out and get it free?  This body is both human and animal, like a seal, to represent the connection and healing placed in the earth.  β€œAt this point in my relationship with Evan I am working on letting go to trust him.  I seem to have a hard time trusting him in my journey of love and life.  Things I have experienced at a young age must have placed in me feelings I did not have words for and still do not have words for but I react to these emotions.  I must connect to my higher self and animal self in order to love him without reservation.”

Basswood, wire, beads, acrylic, oil paints, hemp rope, and stain.

November 2016



Impositions into my spirit


When I created this piece I was trying to open up the base of the form to contrast my typical style of a long form with a singular base point.  One may look at the ivory poking out of the form and think it may be phallic but when I created this piece I had been experiencing stomach pains because of some emotional trauma and it felt like something was stabbing into my stomach. The quills represent a release of tension.

Basswood, acrylic, porcupine quills, ivory, stain.