Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines


Blurred Lines


When gazing into the eyes of this being one begins to see into the world and perspective of a night with lines that seem to dance across the line of sight. As it turns out I was on a night ride in Portland Oregon and found myself in between two lines in the road. At some point a collision of sorts knocked me off my bike. Maybe it was a mirror to a vehicle, or a sign or post. The impact gave a small concussion and a broken tooth and eyebrow. All of these injuries on the right side. I soon learned that the Universe is great at sharing messages and this message was for me to slow down. This mask hopefully captures the impact that night had on me. Remember to take care of yourself and wear helmets:).

August 2019

Mahogany, feathers, acrylic, brass rod, ash wood, stain.

Photo by James Signoretti

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