Life Through my Veins

Life Through my Veins




“Life Through My Veins” has elements of my time in the nw forests and parks. The spirit of the forests in the NW have taken root. On a path to connect more with grounding elements within my work. This trunk root was given to me by a man named Jim. It had many bugs and the trails left on the wood to prove their existence. I had to clean it out almost to a paper thin skeleton. I wanted to keep the integrity of the main shape and form while highlighting the story these little bug friends left to tell. While making this I have been thinking about my path and where I came from. Having biological roots as a Yup’ik/Inupiaq/Polish man and an adopted family who make the narrative of who I am complete.

MAY 2019

Red cedar, acrylic, nails, glass beads, epoxy resin, brass wire and plate and stain.

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