Sovereign Identity

Sovereign Identity



“Sovereign Identity” - Displaying our identity as humans on this planet. The mantra for my life is, ”I am Protecting and Activating Our Culture”. The Yup’ik and Inupiaq people of Alaska carry a connection to the place of Alaska. The lives people live depend of how the land is. In my time making, leading, and facilitation various transformative rituals I have been able to look into the the heart of our cultures. How we connect to place is ritualized to honor the spirit of the place, animals, and the humanity we all are aware of close to birth. The business of life tends to numb our awareness to the world around but following the constant and real beat of capitalism and colonial conquest. I made this piece thinking about a life when everything around us will change and we have to truly accept our connection to the Earth. The horizon of change takes time and intention of ways of being to consider the Earth. Our survival depends on our ability to open the possibilities and embrace the advances over the cost or emotional trauma. I look to the future with eyes wide open. Not like creed....haha

Basswood, brass, ash veneer, beads, and acrylic

September 2019

Photo by James Signoretti

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