That Faithful Sky, Upward and Beyond

That Faithful Sky, Upward and Beyond


That Faithful Sky, Upward and beyond

She is the embodiment and lady of honor representing the lost souls on that faithful night April 14/15, 1912.  Each green cross represents the bodies found floating lost at sea in early April and up into May, 1912.  The red is the fire of spirit grounded in the root of humanity. The face is covered with a moon.  Funny thing about this moon is that on the night of the sinking of the Titanic there was no moon to be seen.  The weather was dark and calm and a possible mirage was obstructing the view of the iceberg that sorrowfully took the Titanic and its lost souls.  

Basswood, acrylic, chain, metal pendants, nails and stain.

March 2017

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