A Night Remembered


These pieces are designed and created with a blending of two places in existence.  This collection was inspired by the fashion and architectural motifs found in the Edwardian Era.  In 1912 the Titanic set sail to America bringing people of high class down to people who wanted to create a new life. The Titanic found its tragic end on April 14/15th, 1912 after striking an iceberg.  This collection pays tribute to the people and the time of style and innovation. 


A Night Remembered


“A Night Remembered” is inspired by lady’s fashion from 1900 cross-sectioned with a carved ivory feather handle. 

Yellow Cedar, imitation falcon feathers, furniture tacks, acrylic, and stain. 

January 2017


This be your lucky star


This Be Your Lucky Star, was inspired by a charm necklace recovered from the RMS Titanic many years after she sank. The being represented here carries a breast plate that is directly inspired by a charm found inside a leather bag on the ocean floor. The beads are strung on metal chain and link. If we open up our hearts and live with love we will find truth. Let love guide the way.

Basswood, copper plate, furniture tacks, copper nails, acrylic, beads, and chain.

February 2017


Floating Dream


The designs at the top of this piece are based on those from a stained glass window that was on the main staircase of the Titanic. The designs at the bottom are from its sister ship, the Britannic.

Basswood, Reclaimed Redwood, Acrylic, Polarized Glass, Eurasian Falcon Feathers





Emergence has an origin point in the center of the torso.  This represents a space in which this being is burrowing out ofThe inner beauty is being revealed when a heart is opened and the most vulnerable parts of who one is are nurtured to show their true colors.

Basswood, acrylic, feathers, hardware, nails, and stain.

February 2017