Drew Michael
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Winter’s Spirit 2018


 Acrylic, Ash Wood, Basswood, Feather, Wood


Through the Darkness 2017


“Through the Darkness holds the feelings of transitions. As time moves forward the reality of who we are as people lives on and the humanity that we live in has to come to the surface. In all my times of transitions birds have been there to guide the way. I may see life pass on as time does but who I am will not fade without reaching out to something greater. A balance will find its way into who we are and the lives we live.”

-Drew Michael, 2017

The inner spirit of an animal often shows itself with human characteristics and faces because this helps us to see ourselves within another being. The white line that surrounds the face and reaches up to the raven’s head represents the spiritual guidance birds offer, as the raven carries this piece through time, experiences, and transitions. The red chin represents the connection to ones humanity. It is a reference to grounding oneself to their senses as a whole person.

Acrylic, Basswood, Feather, Nails, Raven, Wood


This Be Your Lucky Star 2012


This Be Your Lucky Star” was inspired by a charm necklace recovered from the RMS Titanic many years after she sank. The being represented here carries a breast plate that is directly inspired by a charm found inside a leather bag on the ocean floor. The beads are strung on metal chain and link. If we open up our hearts and live with love we will find truth. Let love guide the way.

Acrylic, Basswood, Beads, Chain, Copper, Wood


Floating Dream 2017


The designs at the top of this piece are based on those from a stained glass window that was on the main staircase of the Titanic. The designs at the bottom are from its sister ship, the Britannic.

Acrylic, Basswood, Feather, Glass, Redwood, Wood


Lunar Equilux 2017


“She is when you stand outside in the middle of the a cold February night looking at the shadows as they hold space on the snow. She is the summer early morning when the moon and her light color the Earth and all the plants that blanket the ground. Her energy and spirit radiate out into the universe.”

Acrylic, Basswood, Moon, Oak, Wood