Drew Michael
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Pisces Visions

Everything I create I aim to exemplify my thoughts on how our humanity exists within this world, emotions about my relationships with others, perceptions of energy in all things and the constant acceptance into balance. As I learn about my own path I blend my traditional knowledge with everyday living experience and somehow try to connect with that ancestral wisdom that I see us all having within and around.


Featured New Works




“Life Through My Veins” has elements of my time in the nw forests and parks. The spirit of the forests in the NW have taken root. On a path to connect more with grounding elements within my work. This trunk root was given to me by a man named Jim. It had many bugs and the trails left on the wood to prove their existence. I had to clean it out almost to a paper thin skeleton. I wanted to keep the integrity of the main shape and form while highlighting the story these little bug friends left to tell. While making this I have been thinking about my path and where I came from. Having biological roots as a Yup’ik/Inupiaq/Polish man and an adopted family who make the narrative of who I am complete.

MAY 2019

Red cedar, acrylic, nails, glass beads, epoxy resin, brass wire and plate and stain.


Dawn Tinted Love


Dawn Tinted Love is a being who looks into the horizon of transformations. The forehead of DTL is the raw untouched rotted out center of red cedar. This piece was gifted to me by a friend named Jim. Thank you James Signoretti for being my lovely model. Funny thing here is the face did not end up looking like James but my focus was to work out some of the realistic features of the lips and eyes. I was challenged with the a shallow depth of material but was able to empart some realism into the gaze of Dawn Tinted Love.

JUNE 2019

Red cedar, brass plate, acrylic, glass beads, nails, and stain.




Sedna is a goddess who comes from the legends and dreams of fisherpeople. As you look into her eyes you can see her looking into the distance. Like she is remembering the day when her family threw her over board. Sedna grabbed the side of the boat in hopes to be saved. Instead of pulling her aboard the boat her fingers were chopped off and fell into the ocean to become the sea mammals, walrus, whale, and seal. She was hit on the forehead and sank to the bottom of the ocean to become the Goddess of the Sea. To please her healers would have to go to her in the ocean and comb her hair. If Sedna is pleased by a healers and the people’s admiration she would provide mammals for he hunters.

MAY 2019

Basswood, brass rod, pearl beads, furniture tacks, dentalium shells, metallic beads, and stain.


In the Making


Dawn-Tinted Love.2019.June

Edwards Birds.2019.March