This collection is an expression of some of the most powerful moments in 2017.

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Lunar Equilux

She is when you stand outside in the middle of the a cold February night looking at the shadows as they hold space on the snow. She is the summer early morning when the moon and her light color the Earth and all the plants that blanket the ground.  Her energy and spirit radiate out into the universe.  

Basswood, oak, acrylic, and stain.

March 2017





Shadows of my heart are aching. This spirit is drifting in an abyss. This whole space within my heart is dark and in a small way grounded. Balance is a reality. I must fall into it. Let the waters flow and the light guide the way.

Basswood, acrylic, chain, pendants, stain.

May 2017

That Faithful Sky, Upward and beyond

She is the embodiment and lady of honor representing the lost souls on that faithful night April 14/15, 1912.  Each green cross represents the bodies found floating lost at sea in early April and up into May, 1912.  The red is the fire of spirit grounded in the root of humanity. The face is covered with a moon.  Funny thing about this moon is that on the night of the sinking of the Titanic there was no moon to be seen.  The weather was dark and calm and a possible mirage was obstructing the view of the iceberg that sorrowfully took the Titanic and its lost souls.  

Basswood, acrylic, chain, metal pendants, nails and stain.

March 2017



arctic guardian

“Arctic Guard” is the story of a guardian of the north.  She travels throughout the north helping others release energy trapped within hard hearts.  The imagery is based on color pallet motifs of the Edwardian Period.  I was heavily influenced by the White Start Line of the Titanic.  This was further mimicking the Roman and Greek saints or heroes carved in stone or wood.  The stars are hand cut and shaped.  The center piece in the heart space rotates on an axis. 

Basswood, acrylic, oil pint, nails, steel plating, stain.

January 2017



Dream Mask


Dreammask is a spirit that showed itself to me while I was in Quinhagak, Alaska. This spirit had red along the chin. I feel representing the strength and root of the place and people who live and lived there. The nose is shaped similarly to the one on the mask I found in the house floor. The color on the cheeks are of the earth and show the connection we have with the places where we live. Especially our connection to land and spirits that live around.

Basswood, acrylic, handmade nails from France, glass beads, pearl, chain, feathers, bentwood.

September 2017